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In today's digital economy, your website is your home.  When people visit your site, what will their first impression be? Too often, great products or businesses can be hindered by a poorly designed website.


I use a 5-step design process to create attractive and functional websites that are on brand with your business. You only get one chance to make a first impression. VISDECO helps you make the right one.


Proud Wix Partner

5 Step Design Process


Developing an understanding of your company and website needs.

I gather information about your company so I can create a website that is on brand and has the features you need for a successful online business.

[Photo gallery, video gallery, online store, customer accounts, etc]

Design & Layout

During this step, I determine the best page structure and organization so visitors can easily find what they need from your site.

Homepage layout and color scheme samples.

Building & Development

The actual time it takes to develop and complete the website.

You will receive periodic updates on the progress and look of the website.

Review & Publishing

Final review of the site, last-minute changes can be made.

Video Conference for domain transfer or setup, if needed. Publishing.


Regular follow ups, content updates, and minor changes.

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