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Estate Clinics by CMG is a private medical practice in Atlanta, GA that specializes in internal medicine, and primary and immediate care. Their office manager made a simple site on a web building app but the owners wanted to hire a specialist to redesign and build a new site that looked professional, could provide forms and information for patients, and boost Estate Clinic's online presence through SEO.



Estate Clinics already had a logo. I refreshed their logo so that it is clean, transparent and better for brand recognition. I kept the red from the logo and added some accent colors so the website did not give off Christmas vibes with the red and green.

I decided on the best layout and page structure to organize and display content on the site. Key features were implemented to help patients get in contact with the practice; find the doctor's office; download patient forms ahead of time; and call buttons to schedule appointments.

Screen Shot 2022-07-30 at 1.32.08 PM.png


Estate Clinics CMG LOGO-09-09.png

New Logo

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